Bowen Technique


JacekThe Bowen Technique  is perhaps one of the most versatile and effective therapeutic treatments we have today offering significant relief for many conditions.

Sometimes called the “homeopathy of bodywork”, it utilizes only small input to the body activating its own ability to heal itself. Gentle Bowen moves begin to achieve holistic balance straight away, embracing client’s physical and emotional aspects.

Gentle, yet very profound treatment will consist of a series of moves on skin or through light clothing, with the client usually lying on a bed or treatment couch, although it is possible to be treated seated. Bowen Technique repeatedly achieves excellent results treating people of all ages including newborn and infant children. Rapid and long-lasting results are common, and many conditions that have failed to respond to other treatments are found to respond very well to Bowen therapy.

List of therapeutic applications is very long: allergies, asthma, back pain, chronic fatigue, digestive problems, fibromyalgia, frozen shoulder, migraine, repetitive strain injury, sciatica, sports injuries, stress, tinnitus, whiplash to mention a few.

A session usually lasts up to an hour and frequently results in a deep sense of relaxation helping the body to recharge and balance itself. 

 JACEK KAZBERUK qualified as a  physiotherapist in 1999 in Poland. After 2 years of experience in the field he moved to the UK and pursued his interest in the holistic and alternative therapies.

He studied reflexology, Reiki, EFT, various types of massage, Visceral Therapy, microsystem acupuncture. In the 2007 Jacek became Bowen Technique practitioner. He is a member of Complementary Therapists Association and The Bowen Association UK.

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