Sweat Lodge Weekend Retreats

2020 dates for Kent long-weekend retreats

July    17th – 19th         (Friday to Sunday )

Cost: £300/£240 concession.

Please note: Discounts are at the discretion of John Tindall and available to those who are genuinely in need, as all profit goes directly towards healing and helping others.

Payment: We kindly ask that payment be made in advance. We accept BACS, cheques, cash and card. Please contact us for further information on how to book and pay.

How to book: Places are limited. To confirm your place, please email the clinic:  yuantmc@btconnect.com

Watch video of John and Benjamin Tindall building one of our sweat lodges.

Mother Earth

Children: Children are welcome but will need to be supervised at ALL times.

Dogs: Unfortunately, no dogs allowed.

Times: The first sweat will start at 6pm on Friday.

Please arrive at least 2 hours before the sweat to set-up your camping equipment and to get ready for the sweat.

What to bring: These are camping retreats. Please bring a tent, cooking equipment and your own food (there is no communal cooking). There will be portable toilets on the site, but no shower facilities aside from a cold water tap.

What to wear: Warm clothes (summer nights can be chilly), towels, sarong, shorts, flip flops, hat etc. Please keep in mind that it could rain and therefore, a few changes of clothes might be needed, including for the sweat lodge.

For the sweat lodge, men must wear shorts and women must wear a sarong or cotton nightie.

Women:  Women who are on their “moon” (menstrual cycle) are welcome to enter the sweat but should wear prayer ties. Please ask any of the women at the event for assistance on how to make the prayer ties. Please do this at least 1 hour before the sweat.

Sweat Lodges  

Sacred fire

A sweat lodge (“Temascal” or “Inipi”), is an ancient and scared purification ceremony. A return to the womb of mother earth for healing.  

Our sweat lodges are derived from Native American healing traditions, but there are many different types of healing sweats, such as a sauna.

Our sweat lodges are built using wood poles covered with about 4 layers of blankets to retain heat and darkness -which is representative of the “womb”.  During the ceremony hot rocks are placed in the centre of the lodge. These hot rocks are known as the “grandmothers” and “grandfathers” – they represent the “wisdom of time”.  

Inside the lodge we say prayers and sing songs while water and herbs (also called medicine) are placed on the “grandparents” (rocks). During this time many people experience inspiration, instruction, purification, visions, release and rejuvenation. 

There are four rounds during the sweat in line with the four directions – north, east, south and west. Each round is approx. 1/2 hour.

What do I do if I want to leave the sweat? It is fine to leave the sweat at any time. However, it is best to leave the sweat after someone has finished praying or singing. Should you wish to leave, please let John know. 

During our sweats we:

  • Sing songs and enjoy the powerful heartbeat of the drum and voice of the rattle
  • Pray in all of our different beliefs; calling for the support of our ancestors and spirit guides
  • Give thanks for the ‘purpose’ and opportunity to celebrate our lives in this way
  • Connect with people from all over the world.

Our sweat lodges are safe for people of all ages and abilities, including children.

If you have not previously attended one of our sweats, have any concerns about your ability to participate, or need more information about what’s involved please contact John.




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