Rolfing structural integration  is a bodywork modality that in the series of 10 sessions seeks to realign and balance human structure and function in the field of gravity. Invented by Dr Ida P Rolf, Rolfing postulates that to achieve optimum well being & integration human body has to work with and not against the gravitational pull of our planet. In practical terms this means that whenever our body is out of postural alignment we are not only putting our joints and tissues under a strain but we also use more energy then it is necessary to move and interact with the world – like driving a car with a hand brake on. Consequently the finite energy potential of our body is depleted leaving us less resourced to enjoy our lives. By skilfully manipulating connective tissue and working with movement and perception throughout the 10 sessions series Rolfing re-establishes body’s capacity to move freely and without postural compensations. What follows is a greater sense of freedom, well being and integration.

LUKE GREGORCZYK is one of the first graduates of the certified Rolfing training in London. His 3,5 years of Rolfing education under the guidance of the leading experts in the field: Giovanni FelicioniHubert Godard & Peter Schwind  helped him to develop a set of skills that is rare to find in any other bodywork modality. Luke’s particular talent lies in his capacity to spot and help his clients to identify and overcome their unhelpful movement & postural habits. In his work Luke is interested in investigating how we as human beings construct our perception and how this affects the way we move, feel and relate in the world. Studying Rolfing helped Luke to discover that what we call confidence and well being is to a large degree an act that is best influenced not by changing one’s way of thinking but by working with one’s perception, movement and posture.

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