You do not have to go through any illness alone. We provide support in the management of chronic and acute health conditions in a non-judgemental way. Our aim is to help you to network with other people going through similar conditions – please let us know if you would like us to put you in contact with others.

You may also find the following links useful.

The British Acupuncture Council provides official research fact sheets on most conditions seen in our clinic. 

Cancer Research UK: home

Cancer Care: cancer-care.html


Bowel Cancer:

Breast Cancer Care:

Prostate Cancer:

Lung Cancer: coverflow.faces?id=22&gclid=CJfM5ZaLiLUCFeTMtAodLTMABg

Skin Cancer Foundation:

Arthritis Research UK:


British Lung Foundation/ COPD: COPD

Chronic Fatigue/ ME Association:

Crohn’s & Colitis:  home.asp

Depression: index.shtml


Eczema: supdates-eczema-and-eczema-related-research

Endometriosis support:

Heart Research:


Insomnia: poor-sleep-in-old-age-prevents-the-brain-from-storing-memories.html

Mental Health/MIND:

Palliatative care: palliative-care.html

Testicular Pain:

Hepatitis C Trust:

UK Hepatitis C Resource Centre:

The British Liver Trust:

HIV and hepatitis:

The information on this website is provided for general information purposes only and should not be relied upon as  a substitute for sound professional medical advice from a qualified healthcare practitioner. Links from this website are provided for information and convenience only. The Yuan Clinic and Traditional Medicine College is not responsible for, does not endorse or approve and accepts no liability in respect of any information or opinion contained on any third party site. 

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