Yuan Traditional Medicine College 

A centre of ‘Excellence’ for the study and practice of acupuncture – one of the leading colleges of its kind in the UK

We keep our classes small so that all students can get as much supervised practical clinical training experience as possible.


The course materials written and prepared by John Tindall are now taught in many acupuncture schools in the UK and abroad.

John has taught thousands of people worldwide. He is a great teacher and his courses have revolutionised many healthcare workers and therapists own practices.

John Tindall –  Multibed Clinics: How & Why? The importance of group practice (extract)

Who should attend? No prior experience in acupuncture is needed to attend a Yuan TMC course. Our courses are open to therapists and non-therapists alike. Typically, students are acupuncturists, doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, beauty therapists, reflexologists, psychologists, mental healthcare workers, social workers and people looking to make a career change. 

Are the courses accredited?
Yes. All Yuan TMC Courses have been accredited by the relevant governing bodies (refer the individual course web pages).

Students who pass one of our courses are entitled to gain insurance and practice the particular acupuncture they have studied. 





Health & Safety: The Yuan Traditional Medicine College follows strict codes of health and safety. The due diligence of study codes of practice and conduct related to all Yuan Traditional Medicine College courses are continuously reassessed and revised by John Tindall, and improvements implemented accordingly.

Clinical supervision: Students are required to undertake clinically supervised hours following each course, before they can qualify to practice and gain insurance.  

Student practice groups: The college runs student practice groups one Saturday a month. Practice groups provide a wonderful opportunity for both students and qualified practitioners to fine-tune their knowledge and acupuncture skills and techniques under supervision. The practice groups also provide a fantastic forum to network with other practitioners.

About the training: At no point are our students either trained or expected to give a diagnosis, differentiation or prognosis. The acupuncture taught at the College is based on a set formulae and on locating energetically active points. 

Our approach is based on promoting health and wellbeing, and not treating specific diseases. Therefore, graduates of the College will be able to provide a service to those people who need it most without a diagnosis being necessary.   

About Yuan Traditional Medicine College

Founded in 2000 by John Tindall, the Yuan Traditional Medicine College offers a wide-variety of inspirational and highly practical acupuncture courses that have been developed, fine-tuned and perfected by John over his 30 years of clinical practice and teaching.

Purpose: The creation of a centre of excellence for the study and practice of Traditional Medicine.

Our Aims:

  • To provide a comprehensive acupuncture training programme.
  • To provide a comprehensive understanding of the integration of natural healthcare into daily life.
  • To provide a safe and healthy environment through the creation of a Qi field that fosters the development of all who are involved with the work.
  • To provide educational material for professional and public use.


  • Health and Safety: Ensuring Health and Safety in practice is understood and maintained at all times.
  • Acupuncture: To train health care workers either at the centre or on location, in the comprehensive use of well established protocols for acupuncture.
  • Natural Healthcare: To educate students and healthcare workers in the use of naturopathic approaches to improve total wellbeing. This will be set out in such a way that people will be able to provide clients with the self-help options, which are available to them to improve their quality of life.
  • Qi and the Environment: Through the daily practice of Qi Gong the staff and people studying at the college will gain a greater perception, understanding and knowledge of themselves and cultivate health, clarity and stability in their life purpose.
  • Ear Acupuncture Register (E.A.R): The Yuan College maintains E.A.R for purposes of informing the members, the insurance company, the British Acupuncture Council and the public of the level and standard of qualification of the practitioners concerned.
  • Educational Material: Through the production of health manuals and study notes, the college will provide all of the information necessary for the training provided. The college will produce self-help materials for professionals and the public.

The Yuan Traditional Medicine College is a UK registered college.

Director: John Tindall, MRCHM

Copyright: Yuan TMC 2009


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