Ear Acupuncture – Master Class

The only course of this kind in the UK/Europe

Students who pass this course will qualify to practice Auricular Acupuncture and gain insurance. 

Benefits: Auricular acupuncture is useful for stress management, post-traumatic stress, pain management, internal organ balance, mental and emotional balance, detoxification, addiction, substance misuse, weight loss/gain and many other health conditions, as well as general wellbeing.


The course materials written and prepared by John Tindall are now taught in many acupuncture schools in the UK and abroad.

Who should attend: This course is open to healthcare workers, therapists, acupuncturists, nurses, western medical doctors and people wishing to start a career in acupuncture. No previous training in acupuncture is needed to attend.

How to book: 4-Day-Acupuncture-course-application-form

How to book: Please download an application form and return with a £50 deposit to reserve your place (deposits are non-transferable and non-refundable). The balance of payment must be made in advance and before the commencement of the course.

Cost: £450 for the 4 day course. The fee includes NADA membership, supervised clinical practice hours and examination.

Course outline

John Tindall

We keep our classes small to enable all students to gain as much supervised practice training as possible.

In this unique workshop students will learn all essential ear acupuncture points relating to the:

  • NADA protocol (5 points)
  • Five elements
  • Neuropoints
  • Hormones
  • Metabolism
  • Releasing Excess Yang
  • Over 40 acupuncture essential points. 

Students will also learn four needling techniques:

  • Flying needle technique
  • Bleeding needle technique
  • Threading technique
  • Qi technique

Students who pass this 4 day course will qualify to practice Auricular Acupuncture and can gain insurance. 

The Yuan Traditional Medicine College follows strict codes of health and safety.

Practice groups

The Yuan Traditional Medicine College runs practice groups on the Saturday evening of each workshop. The Groups provide practitioners with an opportunity to fine-tune their acupuncture skills and techniques. They also provide a wonderful opportunity to network with other practitioners.

Offsite training for groups: John will conduct training for groups of 10 or more in the UK and abroad. Please contact John for more information.

About John Tindall

John is a pioneer in the use of ear acupuncture and traditional natural medicine in the UK. He has cultivated and perfected the skills taught in his courses over 30 years’ of clinical practice and teaching, helping people all over the world both directly, by giving acupuncture, and indirectly, by training other people in how to provide the service for themselves.

John has taught thousands of people worldwide. He is a great teacher and his courses have revolutionised many healthcare professionals own practices.


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