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About Qi gong


Qi Gong is an ancient form of Chinese healing exercises combining gentle movement, breathing techniques, sound and meditation.


Healing Sound Qi Gong

Research has shown that Qi Gong as a health practice has numerous benefits, including:

  • lower resting heart rate, improved blood pressure and improved cholesterol levels

  • slower rates of breathing, and improvements in asthma and bronchitis

  • a stronger immune system

  • improved circulation and microcirculation

  • improved blood flow to the brain

  • improved posture, balance, strength, endurance, and flexibility

  • significant reduction in chronic pain

  • decrease in stress levels and anxiety

  • improvements in memory

  • improved kidney function

  • higher bone density

  • destroys free radicals in the body

  • improves digestion

  • improves vision and hearing.

About Qi Gong
John Tindall teaching Qi Gong in Ecuador
John Teaching Qi Gong Ecuador.jpg

Qi Gong weekly classes

Live and on Zoom


John teaches the Hua form of medical Qi Gong, as developed by  ‘Master’  Zhixing Wang. Hua means ‘transformation,

integration and liberation’. This form of Qi Gong focuses on health cultivation and spiritual development and is known

to be the most direct way of approaching the body and energy for activating and cultivating the Qi, and for self-healing

purposes. Through the daily practice of Qi Gong many people gain a greater perception, understanding and knowledge

of themselves – cultivating health, clarity and stability in their life purpose. The exercises can be practised on a daily basis

by people of all ages and levels of fitness.

Cost: £10 – no need to book. Just come along.

Time: Wednesdays, from 7-8 pm
Where: Yuan Centre, Colliers Wood, SW19 2DT

Or join us on Zoom! Just send us an email at and we'll send you a link.

Who should attend? Suitable for absolute beginners and advance students of all ages.

Please wear loose, comfortable clothing and shoes.

Weekly Classes
Victor Healing Bowl.jpg

U.K. Retreat

Our Qi Gong retreats are open to everyone, of all ages and levels of experience. The practice of Qi Gong brings many long-term benefits, including: 

  • Improved mental and physical wellbeing

  • Increased confidence and self-esteem

  • Less stress, anxiety and worry

  • More positive relationships

  • Greater sense of purpose.

Daily programme

  • Stretching – to carry the body through the full range of movement

  • Gentle shaking to give rise to the ‘fire’ and ‘energy’ within

  • Slow, gentle movements to develop sensitivity, clarity and stability

  • Healing exercises to help our wellbeing and to transform our lives

  • Talking and laughing to bring about reaction to change and transformation

  • Walking and dancing Qi Gong to bring joy to our connection with mother earth and the universe.    

Cost: £400- discounts are at the discretion of John Tindall and limited to people genuinely in need, as all profits go towards helping others to heal.

When is the next retreat? 

Go to the Calendar of Events page to find out our upcoming retreat dates

How to book

Please email to reserve your place.

What to bring: A tent, your own food and cooking and camping equipment. There is no communal cooking. There are port-a-loos onsite but no showers (aside from a cold water tap).

Wear loose, comfortable clothing for the Qi Gong practice. Warm clothes for the evening.

U.K. Retreat

Spanish Retreat

Important Note: This is a Qi Gong retreat. We ask kindly that you do NOT book this event unless you intend to do the Qi Gong sessions, as we would like to offer places to those people who want to practice.

Typical Daily Programme

Arrival  Please arrive in the afternoon to set up your tent. There will be a sweat lodge in the evening.

What to bring: Walking shoes, warm clothes, blanket / sleeping bag and a tent (it can get cold in the evenings) and a small back pack for walking in the mountains.

For the sweat lodge, women must wear a sarong or cotton dress and men must wear shorts.  For Qi Gong practice, please wear loose, comfortable clothing.

Food: You are welcome to bring bottled water, but please do not bring food as there will be communal cooking and a good selection of meals will be provided. Please let us know if you have any special dietary requests.

Days 1 and 2:  Three Qi Gong sessions during the daily programme (sunrise, afternoon and sunset). There will be a sweat lodge in the evenings.

Day 3: Qi Gong sessions, followed by mountain walking Qi Gong and a closing ceremony in the evening.

Day 4: Depart camp.

Women:  Women who are on their “moon” (menstrual cycle) are welcome to enter the sweat but need to wear prayer ties – being on your “moon” is a sacred and powerful gift for women. Please let us know if you need assistance in preparing the prayer ties.

How to book

Places are limited and allocated on a first come, first serve basis.
To book your place, please email the clinic:


The event is held September each year. Please go to the Calendar of events tab for specific dates. 
We will send you the directions upon confirmation of your place.


400€ – plus food which will be provided at an additional cost (approx. 50€ total for the weekend).

Please note discounts are at the discretion of the Yuan TMC and limited to people who are genuinely in need as all profits from our retreats go towards healing and helping others.


Payment for this retreat must be made in advance. We accept BACS, cards, cheques and cash. Please contact us for further details.



Spanish Retreat

Italian Retreat

Who should attend? This is not an open workshop. Priority places are offered to students, and former students, of the School of Acupuncture in Bologna and other practitioners in Italy.

Location: LA CROCE  Retreat. Casentino National Park – Tuscany, Italy
How to get there:


The daily programme

7am – 8am: Stretching exercises and gentle ‘Waking’ Qi Gong to greet the sun
8:30am: breakfast
10am – 12 noon: Qi Gong
1pm: lunch
3pm – 6pm: Qi Gong by the river in the national park,

plus free time for swimming, reading, relaxing etc
7pm – 8pm: Sun-set Qi Gong
9pm: Supper

There will be opportunities to swim in the national park’s river.

There is also a small pool at the retreat and plenty of hammocks

to read and rest under lovely trees.

About the Qi Gong training

This retreat provides a wonderful opportunity for personal development and

empowering your own life’s journey.

This is a fantastic 3 day Qi Gong workshop in which John will teach a wide variety of Qi Gong forms, including ‘water’ Qi Gong down by the river and ‘Swimming Dragon’ Qi Gong which is excellent for improving metabolism. There will be 4 practice sessions per day, starting early in the morning and ending as the sun goes down over the beautiful national park.

Particular attention during the Qi Gong training will be learning how to work with ‘energy connection’ for internal organs, mental health and for acute and chronic illnesses, in both a medical and non-medical setting.

The practice will focus on the connection with the Qi (energy chi), for fine-tuning that connection and extending the connection to perceive many layers and dimensions of the mind, body and spirit matrix. The exercises are designed to release old and hidden blockages/traumas that will enable each person to further cultivate their own healing journey.

Other specific exercises are designed to connect with the Qi of nature – the sky, earth, trees, water and stars to profoundly deepen the healing experience.


Accommodation and food

The cost of accommodation and food is charged separately from the cost of the retreat (please contact Escuela Tao for rates).

The house itself has 16 beds – one large room with 7 beds, 3 doubles and a triple. There are 2 large bell tents which can sleep at least 4 people. Plus there are smaller tents available which are made up with comfortable bedding (or you are welcome to bring your own tent and sleeping bag). There are also bed & breakfasts in the area.

A fantastic variety of excellent food is provided at the retreat (breakfast, lunch and supper), plus wine.

To book accommodation, please contact:
Scuola Tao
Cross Retreat Centre
Loc Siregiolo 10,
Biforco 52010,
Chiusi della Verna,
Arezzo – Italy

Tel + +39.348.3828891

Italian Retreat

Interview with John at La Croce retreat in 2013

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