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About John Tindall


  • Trained and qualified in acupuncture and Chinese Medicine in London, with continuous postgraduate studies in China and the USA (1984 – 1990)

  • Trained and qualified as a physiotherapist at West Middlesex University Hospital (1983)

  • Founder & Director, Yuan Clinic & Traditional Medicine College, where John specialises in cancer, leukaemia and other acute and chronic diseases (2000 – current)

  • Pioneered multibed clinic programmes for remote tribes in the Amazon and Andes – a project partly funded by UNICEF (2009)

  • Founded the Gateway Clinic and its Chairman for 12 years. Responsible for developing the UK’s first full-time Natural Healthcare Service on the NHS (Lambeth Community Care NHS Trust). During this time, John specialised mostly in HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis C (1985 – 2000)

  • In 1985 John worked with Dr Michael Smith at the Lincoln Clinic in the South Bronx, and at the Sioux Indian Reservation in South Dakota, where he specialised in acupuncture for detoxification and substance misuse

  • Upon his return to the UK, John introduced the NADA protocol  (auricular acupuncture for detoxification and substance misuse) into the UK, and is the founder of NADA UK

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Special interests

  • Acute and chronic health problems

  • The most challenging areas of healthcare

  • Teaching and sharing knowledge; helping people to help others

  • Transforming lives through the practice of Qi Gong

John has cultivated a clinical practice and teaching format that are uniquely eclectic,

drawing upon a rich source of both personal and clinical experience from diverse locations

such as Native American Indian Reservations and remote tribes in the Amazon and the Andes

to Western medical healthcare units across the UK, USA and Europe.

Qi Gong


John has had a special interest in Qi Gong, in its various forms, from an

early age and utilises the practice into his daily life. John teaches the Hua

Gong form of medical Qi Gong, as developed by Master, ZhiXing Wang.

This form of Qi Gong is highly effective in promoting general wellbeing,

self-healing, and both spiritual and personal development.

In all these places, John’s work has been gratefully received and

appreciated, calling upon the best and most appropriate use of

Traditional Natural Medicine.

The art of weaving the balance of ‘healing’ tools to maintain equilibrium

and breakthrough to recovery and wellbeing, where possible, is seen in

the life evidence of those who experience that journey in the care of

John’s hands.

John is co-author of Acupressure for Common Ailments​ click the name to buy directly on

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