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College Student Materials

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  • Clinical Observation Application Form

  • Case Studies Template

  • Facial Massage Protocol

Clinical Observation Application Form:


If you are a student at the Yuan College who has taken one of the Microsystems

courses, you may apply to do clinical observations.

Simply complete an application form

and email it to us at

Please click here to download our application form. 

Please note; observations are in high demand.


Case studies template

Acupuncture Courses: 

To be able to receive your certification, prior to an assessment,

each student must complete 3 case studies which include 10 treatments each. 


Please click here to download template: case studies template


Things to keep in mind:

– Include photographs for each treatment.

– Don't repeat the explanation of points.

Ear, facial, scalp, hand and foot acupuncture:

The same template can be use to build up the case studies.

If you have been trained in different microsystems, you can combine different

microsystems in one case history; ie, include ear, facial and scalp acupuncture with one case history. 

If you have any questions, you can email us at

Facial Massage Protocol

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