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John Tindall's Project in Peru

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The Peru Project has been set up by John Tindall to advance the quality of life of indigenous communities through education in sustainable management of the natural environment.


A project that started 6 years ago in Peru, when John began working with the children of an Indigenous Amazonian community when he saw their need for self-sufficiency, as their ancient wisdoms were quickly being replaced with Western practices. 

He taught them to teach themselves and their community;

how to cultivate the crop with which they nourish themselves, how to treat themselves with their own ancient practices and acupuncture, how to defend themselves with martial arts, and gave them the opportunity to build a school to spread out the learning to their community, cultivating new generations of self-sufficient young adults who preserve their land, their inherited wisdom and traditions. 

John has raised the funds to support the Indigenous people with the courses he teaches at the Yuan College, Qi Gong classes and retreats. 100% of his earnings go directly to fund the projects to sustain the land and its people.

6 years later, the Peru Project has been established to spread the seeds of self-sufficiency across all parts of the globe, supporting the young generations of indigenous communities to preserve and sustain their ancient traditions and natural environment.

Our Purpose:

To advance the quality of life of indigenous communities through education in sustainable management of the natural environment.

Our Objectives:

1. To provide financial support to secure acquisition of land for community projects of ecological husbandry of the environment (land, water, plants and animals)

2. To provide comprehensive practical education in sustaining the lands ecosystems and stimulating biodiversity and restoring water sources, etc.

3. To prompt the integration of modern sustainable solutions with the existing indigenous traditions within the community.

4. To provide a complete record and information depository of the collaborative work and results achieved for the benefit of humanity

5. To provide and assist other relevant groups and individuals access to the benefits of sustainable management of the environment in indigenous communities

Our Aims:

1. To raise the funds necessary to:

- Acquire the lands and secure ownership for the community projects

- Purchase equipment and materials with which to do the work sustaining and cultivating the land and water resources

- Continue ongoing education and materials, equipment, awareness and resources, information distribution etc.

2. To establish and further develop a complete training programme in sustainable land management, recycling, benefiting the public, the earth, local economy, improving food security, self-sufficiency, independence, empowerment and wellbeing, endangered species of plants and animals.

3. To create safe, non-judgemental open community forums and share the vision of the long term goals of the integration of ancient indigenous wisdoms and customs with the new methods of sustainable ecological management and particularly supporting the most vulnerable people in the community ie children, elderly and women.

4. To form alliances with other interested parties supporting the work of the charity and its development within indigenous communities ie NGO’s, other similar trusts, charities world- wide, universities involved in research, raising awareness and information with tv and social media.

5. To create resources for humanity through the thorough recording of all teachings given and evaluating the application, implementation and outcomes of the integration of the programmes for the well-being of the land, animals, plants and the lives of the people in the community.


To make a donation, you can send a bank transfer which will go directly to the College Fund, where we can send the money where it needs to go.


Contact us at for the details.


With Yuan College student course fees, this school was built by the indigenous youths in Peru to teach the community about acupuncture, plants and nutrition.


John teaches students in the jungle how to prepare medicinal foods growing in their local area.


Indigenous youths learning acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine to support their community. 

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