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The Green Healer

The Green Healer is a separate business located inside the Yuan Centre, dedicated to dispensing  Chinese Herbal Medicine – herbs that meet all stringent quality controls.

Chinese Herbal Medicines will only be prescribed following a face-to-face consultation with John Tindall.

These days most people prefer to take herbs in powder form, but a wide variety of dried raw herbs are also available, and full instructions on dosage and preparation will be given before you leave the clinic.

We prescribe:

  • Over 400 varieties of dried raw herbs or powder form Chinese herbal medicine

  • Green tea and European herbal teas – detox, relaxation, digestive, kidney etc

  • Superfungi – Reishi, Cordyceps and Coriolus

  • Aloe Vera products

  • Goi Qi berries.

Yuan Herbs.jpg
Yuan Shui, Clinical Director at The Green Healer

Phone: 020 8543 9977    

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